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  • Peering into the heart of a Crab

    Sept. 28, 1999

    A brilliant ring around a cosmic powerhouse at the heart of the Crab Nebula will be revealed today in new images to be released from the Chandra X-ray Observatory. The Crab is one of the most beautiful - and most studied - bodies in the skies, and serves as a Rosetta Stone for modern astrophysics.

  • Cassini & Polar Join Forces to Study Earth

    Aug. 17, 1999

    A bit of interplanetary luck allowed two separate space missions take advantage of each other's instruments Tuesday evening for coordinated measurements of Earth's magnetosphere.

  • Plate Tectonics on Mars?

    April 29, 1999

    NASA's Mars Global Surveyor has discovered surprising new evidence of past movement of the Martian crust, suggesting that ancient Mars was a more dynamic, Earth-like planet than it is today.

  • Now you see it - now you don't

    Sept. 22, 1999

    A prodigious eruption of X-rays from near the center of our Milky Way announces the latest round of activity in a binary star system containing a variable star and a compact object. It's put astronomers and observatories on the ground and in space hot on the trail of an object known as GM Sgr.

  • Arctic CAPER ready for countdown

    Jan. 12, 1999

    A rocket set to study Space Weathereffects will launch from above the arctic circle very soon if all goes well.

  • Snagging a High Fly Ball

    Aug. 6, 1999

    On a balloon flight, scientists will attempt to capture particles from the stratosphere during the Perseids meteor shower, some possibly from the Perseids themselves.

  • The enigmatic fingerprints of gamma-ray bursts

    Jan. 8, 1999

    A new method of analyzing Gamma-ray Burstsby plotting color-color diagrams shows that there could be as many as five different kinds of these cosmic explosions.

  • Sled dogs carry Astrobiologyto dizzying heights

    March 11, 1999

    NASA/Marshall's "Life on the Edge" program began in earnest last month when a dog sled team delivered 50 lb. of yeast and other microbes to a 13,000 ft summit in California's White Mountains.

  • This Eclipse is History

    Aug. 12, 1999

    A NASA scientist views the eclipse from the foothills of Transylvania, home of ancient legends and modern science. Includes video replays from NASA TV and an audio account of the eclipse as seen from Romania.

  • Chandra X-rays the Crab Nebula

    Sept. 28, 1999