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  • Pop! Ping! Perseids!

    Aug. 13, 1999

    The PerseidsLive! meteor balloon ruptured prematurely on its way to the stratosphere. Nevertheless, many observers on the ground were able to see and listen to Perseid meteors. This story includes RealVideo of the meteor balloon popping and an audio recording of a Perseid meteor radar "ping."

  • Hunting for Halley's Comet

    May 7, 1999

    This weekend, a high-flying weather balloon takes off from Kansas in search of meteoroids from comet Halley.

  • Star Wars technology, coming soon to a planet near you

    May 19, 1999

    Although technology you see in a Star Wars movie may seem like futuristic fantasy, check out some research NASA is doing today to turn some of that fantasy into fact.

  • NASA unveils first light image from Chandra

    Nov. 2, 2006

  • What Comes Out of the Top of a Thunderstorm

    May 26, 1999

    Scientists studying powerful Gamma-ray Burstsin deep space accidentally discovered a closer source of gamma energy -- thunderclouds on Earth.

  • Going Comet Wild

    Feb. 4, 1999

    The Stardust spacecraft is poised to blast off on a rendezvous with a comet - and set to bring back pieces of the comet's coma to Earth.

  • Huge Fireball Dazzles Midwest

    Nov. 17, 1999

    Tuesday night an unusual Earth-grazing fireball attracted stares in over a half-dozen US states. Could it be a taste of things to come when the Leonids peak Thursday morning?

  • Ham operators will get to help NASA with space experiment

    Nov. 4, 1999

    Ham radio operators can help NASA collect and analyze data from a satellite scheduled for launch Nov. 19. Data from the Plasma Experiment Satellite Test will be used in designing an advanced propulsion system that plugs into the Earth's magnetosphere.

  • Balloon flight will help scientists understand how to shield Mars crews

    Dec. 17, 1999

    A 10-day balloon flight this month will include two small detectors designed to improve our understanding of the radiation hazards that will be faced by Astronautson extended missions such as Mars exploration.

  • Reaching for the Stars

    April 12, 1999

    At the 1999 Advanced Propulsion Research Workshop, fusion and antimatter take center stage as rocket fuels of the future.