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  • Once Upon a Water Planet

    March 12, 2002

    Today The Red Planetis dry and barren, but what about tomorrow? New data suggest that the long story of Water on Marsisn't over yet.

  • To Distill Some Water

    Aug. 9, 2002

    This fact-filled science fiction tale, based on Jack London's "To Build a Fire," describes an astronaut's urgent search for something to drink on Mars.

  • In Search of Moon Trees

    Aug. 13, 2002

    Scattered around our planet are hundreds of creatures that have been to The Moonand back again. None of them are human. They outnumber active Astronauts3:1. And most are missing.

  • Confounded by Coffee

    Dec. 4, 2002

    Here's something to ponder over your next cup of joe: the Physicsof a humble bag of coffee grounds still holds surprises for scientists.

  • Watch Out for Spaceships

    June 11, 2002

    This week is a good time to spot two spaceships flying over your backyard: the International Space Stationand the Space ShuttleEndeavour.

  • Antibiotics from Space

    March 29, 2002

    Some bacteria riding on the Space Shuttleproduce more antibiotics than they do on Earth. Researchers aren't sure why ... but they aim to find out.

  • A Super Galactic Discovery

    Nov. 20, 2002

    Astronomers have spotted two supermassive Black Holesin the crowded center of a distant galaxy. And it's only a matter of time, they say, before the pair collide.