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  • Aurora Season Begins

    Sept. 23, 2002

    Autumn has arrived and that means it's time to watch out for Northern Lights.

  • When Space Makes You Dizzy

    March 25, 2002

    Astronautsreturning to Earth sometimes feel light-headed. It's been a problem since the earliest days of human space exploration, but now doctors may have a solution.

  • Tractors, Satellites, and Pickup Trucks

    Feb. 28, 2002

    The tools of agriculture are changing as growers experiment with new space-age techniques called "precision farming."

  • Halloween Asteroid

    Oct. 31, 2002

    Near-Earth asteroid 1997 XF11, which briefly scared astronomers five years ago, passes by Earth again this week on Halloween.

  • Dark Rings

    Nov. 8, 2002

    Many years ago Pioneer 11 flew through Jupiter's rings, but no one knew it at the time. This week NASA's Galileo spacecraft did it again ... and scientists were ready.

  • Leonid Observing Tips

    Nov. 14, 2002

    The 2002 Leonid meteor storm is due on Tuesday, Nov. 19th. A NASA expert offers common-sense advice to meteor watchers who plan to observe the display.

  • Look at that Asteroid

    July 30, 2002

    A big space rock will soon come so close to Earth that sky watchers can see it through binoculars.

  • A Spaceship Among Meteors

    Nov. 18, 2002

    With millions of people watching, the International Space Stationwill glide over North America during the 2002 Leonid meteor storm. Some of the apparitions will be remarkably eye-catching.

  • Found it! Ice on Mars

    May 28, 2002

    Instruments on board NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft have revealed more underground ice on The Red Planetthan scientists expected.

  • Hip Science

    Oct. 30, 2002

    Using space technology, NASA-funded researchers are developing artificial bones for pain-free hip implants.